Our guest player rules are fairly strict This is to ensure proper pooling

Download our U11to U17 guest player form: (coming soon)

U11 to U17 Guest Player Rules

  • Each team may have a maximum of 3 guest players on their tournament roster.
  • Guest players must not increase the team's roster above the original number of registered players. A guest player is only allowed to replace a registered player on the team.
  • NOTE: Teams Cannot increase their original roster size through the use of trialists/guest players
  • Guest players must be from a lower tier, a lower age group or a lower division. All guest players are required to be properly registered in the same district association as the tournament team for the current season.
  • All guest players must be correctly indicated on the online registration and each game sheet.
  • No player shall be allowed to play for more than one team in the tournament.
  • Players currently serving suspensions are not allowed to play in the tournament until their suspension time has been served within their league play. Any team playing a suspended player will default that game.
  • A Guest Player Consent form must be completed for each guest player. This form must be completed and sent to tournament of´Čücials prior to Oct 28, 2019 . Teams must carry a copy of the guest player form for each guest player.

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