Caledonia Cup Tournament Rules, Regulations & Information


Available September 15th
Please refer back for complete Rules & Regulations

OPEN TO U13 to U17 Boys & Girls Tier 1-3

and 2006/2007 PDP teams

The Caledonia Cup is sanctioned by the Alberta Soccer Association, the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and the Scottish United Youth Soccer Club. 

 * Thursday & Friday games may start as early as 8am*

In-Town teams may play Wednesday evening.

No out of town teams scheduled until noon Thursday.

Rules of Play

This tournament will adhere to IFAB Laws of the Game and current ASA Rules. 

The Caledonia Cup Tournament shall abide by ASA Governance Documents, including the By-Laws, Governance Policies and Rules & Regulations. 

Players and team officials are expected to obey the Laws of the Game and respect all game Officials.

Home team will be required to change jerseys should both teams wear like colours. It is the responsibility of the home team to carry alternate jerseys or numbered pinnies. 

Teams are responsible for the behaviour of their players, team officials and their spectators.

Any situation occurring in tournament play, that is not covered by these Rules & Regulations, shall be assessed by The Caledonia Cup organizers on an individual basis. Any decision or ruling made will be considered official and final.

Refund Policy

There will be no fee refunds (either partial or full) to any team once entry into the tournament has been confirmed.

*Should the tournament be canceled due to changes in provincial restrictions, registration fees will be refunded minus a $60 administration fee.  

Tournament organizers have the right to deny a team registration if they believe a particular team is at risk of influencing the integrity of the tournament, in such cases a full refund will be returned.

Team Registration

 Registrations are to be done online via the tournament website

**All teams are placed on a waiting list upon registration. Team entries must be approved by organizers. An email will be sent to the registrant informing them your team is off the waitlist. Payment is due directly after receiving this email to save your spot. **

Registrations are not complete until payment has been received through the online payment system or your cheques has been received by the tournament treasurer. 

Scheduling requests can be communicated by posting notes on your registration page. We will do our best to accommodate scheduling requests. Please note that this is not always possible. 

After registration completion, you must enter your roster online, and email a copy of your official roster as well as any guest player forms and out of town/out of province paperwork to [email protected]

Player Registration and Team Rosters

All players, including guest players, must be currently registered with their district. 

Proof of player registrations must be with the team at all times.

Prior to November 3rd, all rosters must be inputted into the tournament registration site. 

The maximum number of players on the team's tournament roster is dictated by the number of registered players on their official team roster with a tournament maximum of 20 players per team (including goalkeepers).

Guest players must not increase the team's roster above the original number of registered players. A guest player is only allowed to replace a registered player on the team. 

No player shall be allowed to play for more than one team in a division. 

There will be no changes to team rosters once that team's first game has started. 

Any changes to the roster after a team's first game will be at the discretion of the tournament organizers. 

Teams playing ineligible player(s) will forfeit any game in which the ineligible player participated. 

Guest players / Trialists

Each team may have a maximum of 3 guest players on their tournament roster. 

Guest players must be from a lower tier, a lower age group or a lower division. All guest players are required to be properly registered in the same district association as the tournament team for the current season. 

Guest players must not increase the team's roster above the original number of registered players. A guest player is only allowed to replace a registered player on the team. 

All guest players must be correctly indicated on the online registration  and each game sheet. 

No player shall be allowed to play for more than one team in a division. 

Players currently serving suspensions are not allowed to play in the tournament until their suspension time has been served within their league play. Any team playing a suspended player will default that game. 

A Guest Player Consent form must be completed for each guest player. This form must be completed and sent to tournament officials at  [email protected] prior to August 3rd.

Teams must carry a copy of the guest player form for each guest player. 

The tournament team must acquire written permission from the team from where the guest player (s) will be drawn. 

Out of Town Team Information

Prior to November 3rd, all teams must submit the following to [email protected].  Please include your team name and manager contact information. 

-A copy of the official team roster from their provincial association (ASA form or equivalent).

-Guest player permission forms for each guest player, where applicable. 

-Club or association travel permit, where applicable. 


Out of province teams (or any teams not registered through 1 of 23 ASA Regular Members) must contact the tournament director to receive instructions on how to register your team. Please submit a request for out of province team information to [email protected]. 


Out of town teams must carry an official, signed copy of their roster and player cards. They should be available should an official request to see them. 


Schedules will be posted by November 4th, 2021. Once posted, schedules will not be changed for any reason other than scheduling error. It is your team official's responsibility to check our website for any scheduling changes.  


All matches will be played at:


3105-101 Street SW, Edmonton AB


3105-101 Street SW


Parking is available at the grounds. Please obey all parking lot attendants and signage. Any cars parked outside designated public parking areas will be towed.  

Scottish fields have an overflow lot on the West side of the complex. Access is through the main lot. Please note the 5km/hour speed limit on the thru-road. This is for the safety of all the guests and their children.

There will be absolutely NO parking on 101 Street. 

Game Format

U13 will play 9 v 9 on 77x47 yard fields

Each game shall consist of two 25 minute halves with a 3-minute break at halftime. 

Tournament officials have the right to shorten game times for scheduling purposes. Every effort will be made to retain official game lengths. 

Game Sheets

Game sheets will be printed by tournament staff and available for editing 15 minutes prior to game time. Please have a team official ensure the sheet is correct and any players not in attendance are crossed off.  

Copies of guest player forms for each guest player must be presented to the tournament official to accompany the game sheet. 

Officials will submit the completed game sheets directly to Tournament Headquarters. Results will be on the website shortly after game sheet submission. 

Forfeits/Game Cancellations

Failure to show up or arriving more than 15 minutes after start time will result in a forfeiture of that game. The win will be awarded to the opposing team.

Referees have the power to call or cancel a game for reasons other than weather conditions. Reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Abusive behaviour by players, team officials and/or spectators
  • Dangerous levels of play, etc.

Cancellations of this nature must be communicated immediately to Tournament Headquarters. The results of the game in question will be decided by the Tournament Committee and that decision will be final. 

Any team refusing to play a game to its entirety will forfeit that match. 

***Game times, location and opponents subject to change***

Scores are posted as soon as available, but subject to 
change in the event of a review

Conduct on and off the Field

Any person on the Tournament Grounds will be expected to behave is a respectful manner conducive to a family event.

The Caledonia Cup tournament has zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour by or towards officials, coaches, players, spectators, parents, volunteers and staff. Any person behaving inappropriately will be required to leave the premises immediately. In extreme circumstances teams may be expelled from the tournament. 

Teams and/or individuals will be held financially responsible for any damage done to any of the facilities or grounds associated with the tournament. 

On Site Amenities & Activities

A First Aid supplies and ice are available on site. 

Concession selling food items, popcorn, candy, beverages, freezies and more at the Scottish Society Clubhouse as well as a kid-friendly bar run by the Edmonton Scottish Society 

Gold and Silver medals will be directly after the game ends, once results are verified. 

There will be an ATM machine on site. 

Onsite parking (but as with any tournament, carpooling is suggested if possible). 

***No dogs are allowed into the park***

 This policy will be strictly adhered to and there will be
no exceptions. Please ensure no one from your team brings
a dog as we do not want dogs in cars in the parking lot. 

A no smoking policy is in effect on the grounds. 

This will be a great weekend of soccer! The Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club looks forward to hosting you on beautiful grounds with everything you need provided on site.

Pool Formats

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Tie Breaking Procedures 

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Remembrance Day Caledonia Cup