1.1 - The Caledonia Cup (‘Tournament’) is a youth club soccer competition organized by the Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club (‘ESUSC’).

1.2 - The Tournament is sanctioned by the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (‘EMSA’) and the Alberta Soccer Association (‘Alberta Soccer’), and is subject to the Bylaws, Policies, and Rules & Regulations of these soccer governing bodies.

1.3 - The Tournament is organized by ESUSC three times annually and shall generally consist of the following competitions:

    1.3.1 - Family Day Caledonia Cup, consisting of male and female youth indoor teams playing in U11 Tiers 1-3 and U13 Tiers 2-3 as defined by Alberta Soccer.
    1.3.2 - Summer Caledonia Cup, consisting of male and female youth outdoor teams playing in U11 to U17 Tiers 1-3 as defined by Alberta Soccer.
    1.3.3 - Remembrance Day Caledonia Cup, consisting of male and female youth indoor teams playing in U13 Tier 1 and U15 to U17 Tiers 1-3.
    If sanctioned, the Remembrance Day Caledonia Cup may also consist of U14 to U17 Player Development Program (‘PDP’) leagues as defined by Alberta Soccer and the Canadian Soccer Association (‘Canada Soccer’).

1.4 - The Tournament shall adhere to the most current IFAB Laws of the Game (‘Laws of the Game’) and observe any Alberta Soccer and/or EMSA modifications.

    1.4.1 - Any incidents or situations not covered expressly by Alberta Soccer and/or EMSA modifications shall default to the Laws of the Game, wherever possible.

1.5 - The Tournament Organizing Committee (‘Tournament Committee’) is an operational committee designated by ESUSC and is responsible for the management and control of all Tournament competitions.

    1.5.1 - The Tournament Committee consists of five (5) individuals, which include the Tournament Director, Competition and Discipline Director, Referee-in-Chief, Volunteer Director, and the ESUSC Executive Director or President.

1.6 - Within the constraints of these Competition Regulations (‘Regulations’), the Tournament, through its Tournament Committee, may adapt the Regulations and may make temporary rules to govern specific situations not otherwise provided for, as necessary, to address the competition objectives of the Tournament and in the interest of Fair Play.

    1.6.1 - Any situation occurring in the Tournament that is not otherwise provided for by these Regulations shall be assessed by the Tournament Committee on a case-by-case basis. Any decision or ruling made shall be considered official and final.
    1.6.2 - Where any conflict exists between Alberta Soccer and/or EMSA modifications, the Bylaws, Policies, and Rules & Regulations of these soccer governing bodies, the Laws of the Game, and these Regulations, these Regulations shall take precedence.

1.7 - By participating in the Tournament, all teams, players, team officials, and bench attendants automatically undertake to:

  1. Read and observe these Regulations in their entirety;
  2. Acknowledge that failure to comply with any of the requirements within these Regulations shall render a team, club, or individual subject to disciplinary procedure;
  3. Conduct themselves in a respectful manner which is conducive of a family event and brings credit to themselves, their clubs, their respective governing body, ESUSC, the Tournament, and the sport of soccer;
  4. Observe the principles of Fair Play.

1.8 - The Tournament Committee reserves the right to conduct disciplinary hearings, send disciplinary reports to governing bodies, and suspend or expel teams, clubs, or individuals from the Tournament for breaches of these Regulations, at its sole discretion.

    1.8.1 - Teams, clubs, and individuals shall be held financially liable for any property damage that occurs directly from their actions.
Remembrance Day Caledonia Cup